Born of Stars

August 21st 2017. The first total eclipse across the U.S. in 38 years. Millions traveled to witness the totality, caught off guard by its emotional impact, reminding us of our origins and destination.


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Is Public or Private Cloud Better for Your Business?

Key Takeaways

Cloud computing is fuelling innovation, enabling companies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity that is transforming many industries. As a result, many businesses are investing in cloud IT environments and are moving away from on-premise servers and infrastructure.

Having your entire IT environment in the cloud reduces the need to host, update, maintain or backup IT environments. You no longer have to invest in physical servers, expensive hardware and their support costs.

But understanding the type of cloud solution that’s best for your business can get tricky.

There are public, private or hybrid cloud offerings and deciding which one suits your business will depend on the level of resources you have to commit and how you’re planning to utilise the cloud.

Public cloud is the fastest growing cloud segment to date and is dominated by providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. With public cloud, the services provided are standardised and offered to many clients who all share the same infrastructure.

The biggest misconception about private cloud is that it is hosted in an organisation’s data centre. While this is one definition of private cloud, more and more private cloud providers are offering off-premise solutions. Make sure you ask potential private cloud service providers where your data is hosted. By using a private cloud provider, you also take advantage of shared IT resources across multiple applications and/or locations.

If you’re looking at moving more of your business to the cloud this year, there are plenty of options to choose from. By understanding the options available to you, you can make a more informed decision for your business that will hopefully help your business run more efficiently and enable growth.

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