Coming to terms with creative coding

A few days ago I was thinking that I always had a problem with the word ‘creative’. It’s something that might be stuck from my advertising days. When I worked in advertising, I used to hear this word…


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Are you an NPC?

Are you living life like you’re an NPC (non-player character)? A few years back I had a revelation of sorts. Now I’m not hiding the fact that I am a nerd for games. Video games, board games, book games, LITrpg, doesn’t matter I like them.

Well, one day I was thinking about life and came to the conclusion that I should try to live my life as if I was playing a game. I started looking at my job and daily routine as my main storyline quest. However, my character development had been lacking and my side quest bar was empty. I was officially an NPC just going to work, doing my job, and going home. I wasn’t taking any free online courses or seminars or webinars, I wasn’t getting ahead.

Thus began my journey as a player character again. I told myself I would find a side quest at least once a month. Now that could come in any form of things, such as signing up for a course or webinar that would teach me a skill or learn a new habit or hobby

First, it was finding anything once a month. Then it was every two weeks. Then I started adding other things. Reading or listening to a book equates to the same as learning a spell from an arcane book in-game. Learning a new skill was like learning a new combat ability or passive ability. Then I started ranking myself as a character. My level, my stats, my health, my endurance, everything was relatable and made it make more sense and gave me more of a drive to improve myself. I didn’t feel like I was wasting my life away.

Want to learn more about it? Stick around and follow me for more stories as I begin to break it down more and more for you lovely readers. My hope is that I can help at least one person get out of a rut and improve themselves. Self-love is so important and can be life-changing. Who knows maybe one of your side quests leads you to a better job because of a skill you learned not because of your job now but simply because it was interesting to you.

It is time to start building your character because in life there is no level cap and there are no true forced requirements to learn a new skill or trait. The only thing holding you back is you and only you. Stop being an NPC and start living your character life to its fullest.

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