How Government And The Central Bank Work Together?

There is a symbiotic relationship between the government and its central bank. I say “its” because it essentially belongs to the government as central banks are considered independent but are under…


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Give A Little Bit

Boxing up our love and happiness during the holidays might not be as difficult as it seems. With Amazon, you can do that and much more. As the holidays were approaching in 2017, Amazon released a sunny and joyous commercial to smile and sing along to. I remember being home and catching myself humming or downright singing along to this cheerful commercial while doing chores and other tasks. At first, I did not really notice the commercial, but later, I would stop what I was currently doing to watch it. Amazon’s one minute commercial titled “Give” outlines the events and the journey of Amazon delivery boxes going through the process of being delivered. It all starts with a woman opening and watching a video of a young girl talking and smiling. The woman then opens her Amazon app and appears to be contemplating something. Fast forward to a factory and there is an Amazon box singing while being transported through a conveyor belt. Other boxes start to join in on the singing while being transported and then delivered. Finally the box that started the singing is handed to the same young girl seen in the beginning of the commercial. Amazon uses many forms of persuasion like color, song used, wording, and the people featured. In a commercial or ad, color is a very important factor because it is often used to convey messages or emotions. Songs or jingles capture the audience’s attention in form of repetition and rhythm; plus, the songs are pretty hard to get out of your head. Words are just direct and straight to the point. Words can also be used as repetition and rhythm by using them onomatopoeias. As for the people used, the audience see themselves as those featured in commercials. The Amazon commercial does an amazing job at reaching their target and conveying their message with the correct use of color, music, words, and people. These forms of persuasion play a huge part in swaying potential customers to buy from then, and they also play a part in Amazon’s growing popularity.

The wording in a commercial can sway a viewer to either buy a product or not. For example, campaign ads used by politicians can be used to drag others or to make politicians seem better to the public/voters. It is the same concept with company commercials.Keywords like you, guaranteed, and love are often used in commercials to entrap the audience’s attention.

The commercial “Give” uses keywords like perfect and holiday. Whenever I hear or read the word holiday, I think of cookies, family, and gifts. The holidays are usually spent and enjoyed with family, so it often triggers happy memories in people. The word perfect, as used in the commercial, leads the audience to think that when looking for the perfect holiday gift or gift in general, Amazon should be top choice. Amazon used the phrase “Holiday Gifts: Find the perfect gift.” Consequently, if someone wants to find a great gift, why not shop at Amazon? Amazon did a fantastic job in choosing the words to persuade people to shop in their company and spend their money on their company instead of others.

“Give” is a creative and cheerful commercial that appeals to people by using colors that tell their own story, happy music, perfect wording, and relatable people. Amazon did a great job at using perfect persuasive methods to increase their sales. Amazon already makes billions of dollars every year, and most of it comes from their holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.) sales. The commercial starts off with a woman opening her Amazon app, and then, it depicts singing boxes of different shapes and sizes move through a factory and being delivered. By using this commercial, Amazon is saying that finding the perfect gift is just a couple taps away. I would say that Amazon gained more customers with this cute commercial.

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