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Regrets and beliefs.

The worst mistake I have ever made was impregnating someone I’m not prepared to spend the rest of my life with.

I don’t have anything against her, she is a lovely person, but for someone else. I became so fascinated with her beauty I forgot to pay attention to her mind. And that is all my fault. I accept.

As soon as I realised she wasn’t what I was looking for I had to leave. We are still friends(or at least try to be) but if I’m being honest with myself I wish I hadn’t.

It’s hard trying to make someone who isn’t happy with themselves happy. Because no matter what you do it will ultimately lead to how that person feels about themselves and what they think of their life.

Is something I have no interest in. In fact it’s the last thing I need. I am in a place of eternal peace and growth and I need love present all around me for that to happen, I cannot do that if the mother of my baby is shooting at me through WhatsApp or over the phone for one reason or the next.

I will avoid drama at all costs, not to say I am running away from anything but I know very well that some people need drama in their lives in order to live a happy life. I am just not one of those people.

So if you are coming at me to ruin my day for god-knows-whatever reason, you will be disappointed because I see right through you. And you are just someone afraid and scared of letting their son go through what you went through. The abandonment issues. The daddy issues.

He won’t. If you allow me to be there for him as his father and you as a friend. I really want to raise my son and I believe we will be great friends but you have to stop making everything about you. It’s not. It’s not even about me. It’s bigger than me. It’s about us doing the best we can to raise this life to be someone successful and happy.

Isn’t the basis of all parenting to make sure your child grows up happy? Genuinely happy, surrounded by friends, laughter and abundance.

You will notice I did not mention money. Because I do not believe money makes up happiness or that it even makes you happy. Having the people to spend the money on/with is more important. You can’t be a lonely millionaire and say that you are successful. You are not.

I am not a cultural person in any way. I have my beliefs about humanity and those beliefs are in clear contradiction with any religion or any culture.

But I have a one month old son now. How do I raise him? I don’t believe in indoctrinating anyone to anything, especially parents that try to force their children’s beliefs. No. I am not about that. But I do want him to have an open mind. Most people take what they see at face value and never question anything, they then go on to live the rest of their lives holding on to that belief.

I believe in free will. Each person is free to do what they want and believe in what they want, as long as they do not harm anyone else. I do not believe there is only one truth for all of us. We all have different paths therefore different truths await us. And it is up to each and every single one of us to find that truth for ourselves and question it till it makes sense to us. Once it makes sense to us we have to not force it onto other people. As long as it works for them who are you to question them and their beliefs?

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