The Heart of the Tin Man

His anguish was uncertain. He felt a diffuse pain, no precise origin, no precise spot. His heart sped up and he needed to do an extra effort to manipulate the remote control. In the ring a ferocious…


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Exercise and Sense of Purpose

Physical activity and heart health

Let’s make this more clear: Sedentary behavior is associated with several health disorders. Several studies have shown a strong inverse association between regular physical activity and cardiovascular disease. For example, researchers analyzed the physical activity habits of over 10,000 Harvard alumni with an average age of 58.

What about women? Females derive activity-associated cardiovascular risk-reduction too. A review of nearly 40,000 women (average age 54 years) in the Women’s Health Study provides evidence. Those who walked 1 to 59 minutes, 1 to 1.5 hours, and two or more hours weekly had relative risk reductions of 14, 51, and 52 percent, respectively. Ambulating at a walking pace did not reduce risk.

Physical activity and cancer risk

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