How Virtual Reality Is Changing Architecture ?

You all might have heard about how Virtual Reality is changing several industries like music, gaming, education, etc. Have you ever considered how VR is changing the way people create their…


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The First Meeting With Your Guru

If your experience is different from Swati’s, please don’t despair. My journey has been the polar opposite of Swati’s. Everyone can choose the nature of the relationship with their Guru. I use the word “choose” slightly liberally here. Your Guru certainly guides you towards that choice by acting as your inner voice, but you always have some autonomy in the relationship.

When so many people I know walk into the ashram for the first time, they are absolutely soaking in the bhava of the divine. I walked in, listened to Swami for the first time, and then prayed to him to do whatever it takes to make me worthy of serving him. I knew he was guiding my inner voice, but I still needed to say it aloud. Since that very moment, every visit to the ashram has been a roller coaster of emotions because I go through the spiritual washing machine of Swami and come out cleansed at the end of every trip.

So enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in Swati’s bhakti but don’t worry if you don’t feel like that. Every single devotee is unique, and the divine will ensure you walk the path that’s best for you.

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